How To Quickly Spot Unethical SEO Services

The biggest problem today is finding an honest, play by the rules, Search Engine Optimization company. With all the automated software that is designed to spam a websites URL to the top of search listing, more and more scam SEO websites are popping up everywhere. And the really bad news, if you happen to do business with one of there spammers, your websites’ URL will most likely end up in an anti-spam database. Which in the long run, will hurt your search engine listings, not to mention, your website reputation. But the good news is, that once you know what to look out for, they are very easy to spot.

The first step in spotting unethical SEO services, is by the services they offer. Which is a dead give-a-way.

1: Backlinks from thousands of websites.
This is a very popular offering among spammers. Because they will use software to spam blogs, guest books, forums etc.  Some will blatantly spam your website URL, while others will setup “filter” pages or use double redirect URLs. They do this, so the traffic you see in your traffic logs will “look” like it’s coming from a legitimate website. The backlinks are never of any quality and can get your site sandboxed or worse black listed.

2: Blog Commenting.
Although this sounds like a different service, it’s exactly the same a backlink package. The only difference is, instead of spamming every type of website they can, they spam thousands of blogs. The comments they leave will have nothing to do with what is posted. Most of the time, the comment will be in the form of a complement, like how great a blog it is or how wonderful the post is. They will use your targeted keyword as the username and a filter page or your website URL for the website field.

3: Guaranteed #1 listing.
If you see a site claiming this, run! They will get your site listed at the top of search results. But, it wont last long and with thousands of spam traps out there, your site will also be listed in anti-spam databases.

4: Article submission to hundreds of sites.
There are people out there who write articles for a living and are very good it. Spammers are not among those. Most will never write an article, they prefer to steal them. By using an article scraper to collect a few hundred articles from sites like ezinearticles, and then use software to spin the article to look like a different one. The software will churn out hundreds or thousands of these “unique” articles. They will then plugin them into an article submission software and blast away. The submission software will automatically join, verify the email, fill out the profile and post the article.

In closing, let me leave you with this…
Getting on the first page of search results, isn’t hard. There is no secret or special trick. All it takes is having unique content that is useful to the end user. If you have that, not only will you rank well in the search results, but the visitors to your site will find it useful and be happy to come back.

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How And Why is My Forum Being Spammed? A Quick Explaination

If you’re new to all this forum/blog spam you most likely have a boat load of questions, but mostly you just want it to stop. Stopping spammers is easier than you might think, install a mod from Stop Forum Spam is a great step in the right direction. But having a basic understanding of the whys & hows will also make the job much easier.

What you are about to read is very basic explanations. They are by no means meant to cover every possible scenario. They are meant to give a basic understanding of what is going on.

Spammer Mentality, or lack there of!

First, you must understand that the people that are doing the spamming are a group of very twisted individuals.stupid_spammer1
These people believe that defacing your forum or blog, stealing your bandwidth and spreading their garbage is their God Given right and you should be honored they are plastering your site. They are proud of what they do. They believe that spamming is an ethical way to to business. They also believe, that by spamming your site they are doing you a favor.
My response to that mentality… well, in order to keep this clean, I’ll just say, No Hesitation, No Mercy, No Remorse.

Why do they spam?
There are only 2 reasons why people spam.
1: To make money. By increasing a websites Page Rank (PR), or through “affiliate” links.
2: To spread Trojans/Viruses.
(remember folks…..”basic explanations”!)

Now lets look at the “How” they spam.
How do they find your forum/blog.
One (of the many many ways) is by searching for the forum or blog they want to spam. For example, lets say they have setup the software to blast Simple Machines Forums (SMF). All they have to do is search Google for, “Powered by SMF” which returns about 40,800,000 results. They then scrape the results, clean them, and load the list into the software. Which is all automated by the way.
There are a blue million other ways, but that’s just one example to show you that if Google has indexed your site, they can find it.

The actual spamming!
This to, has 2 ways. Automated and Manual.spammer_troll
Automated spamming is done with software like xrumer, senuke and a few others.
xrumer is the most commonly used spamming software. It can be ran from a PC or setup on a VPS or dedicated server. It can join and post at a very fast rate. I’ve had one create 8 accounts and post 8 times in one second. (most likely running in aggressive mode on dedicated server with a small list) Anyway, the point is, it can hammer a lot of sites very quickly.

Manual Spamming!
This is pretty self explanatory. Normally, you won’t see these people on forums unless it’s a high PR site or is very targeted and or moderated. I like to call them delusional spammers, as what they are doing will have very little effect in making them money.

Other Stuff!
You now know a little of why & how. Now lets look at some other tid bits.
All of the software uses proxy lists to protect the real submitting IP. Although some are to stupid to figure out how to load the list.
The software does not parse JavaScript unless it has to with solving CAPTCHA or re-CAPTCHA.
It noes not load images or CSS.
This is why you will never see hits from a bot, until after it logs in, in your forum/blog logs. But, you can see the hits in your server access logs.

Spammers never actually “see” your website. Even if they are manually solving your CAPTCHA, which pops up in a side scrolling window for them to solve. They can however,check your site to see if their post was successful or looks okay. But, few ever do, because they are greedy and lazy.

Yes xrumer can defeat CAPTCHA and re-CAPTCHA automatically. It’s processor intensive and slows down posting but it can do it. Although some spammers like to use a paid CAPTCHA solving service.

The software cannot get past a series of human question and answer fields automatically. If the Q&A’s are canned, it can get past it, because botmaster (the creator of xrumer) has a database of the canned data. So make your own Q&A’s.

Finally, the good old “spammer posting messed up links”
This is really funny once you know why they are doing it.
Some of the software has what is called an article/ad spinner. It basically works like so..

{Here we have a|This is a|This is an example of a} {sentence|phrase|passage} that is {ready|all set|geared up|prepared} to be {spun|created|made} into other {passages|sentences|phrases}.

The software will spin the ad x number of times alternating the words inside the { } so each will appear unique.

Now what happens is, the spammer doesn’t have a clue how to correctly format his ads, so when he hits spin, it totally porks his links along with everything else. He then blasts out messed up ads while never bothering to check the results, thus we get to see the true IQ and utter laziness of a spammer.

There are a whole lot more tactics spammer use, cookie stuffing, click jacking, filter pages, double redirects etc…
But hopefully, this has given you a little better basic understanding of what is going on.

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Mass Effect 3 FemShep Long Hair Mod

FemShep with long hair! Gotta LOVE it!!!

FemShep with Allers hair

FemShep with Allers hair

Using Gibbed Mass Effect 3 Save Editor

MESH go to:
RAW/Squad/Player/Appearance/Morph Head/Hair Mesh

For Diana Allers hair, replace the line with:

For Default FemShep hair, replace the line with:

TEXTURE go to:
Both Allers and Default use the same Hair_Diff value.
Go to:
RAW/Squad/Player/Appearance/Morph Head/Texture Parameters
Alter the HAIR_Diff value to:

Fix the gap in Allers hair and other clipping issues.
Or I should say making the head fit the hair!

Go to:
RAW/Squad/Player/Apperance/Morph Head/Lod0Vertices and click again in the “…” button.
With the list opened, look for the values listed below on the left and alter the Z value to 175.
Original: 178.582016
Modded: 175.582016
For Allers hair:
256 to 263
380 to 390
480 to 485

For DefFemShep hair.
Alter the first part of the X and Y values listed below:
Original: 6.61798763
Modded: 5.61798763
Left Values———X —— Y
250 —————> 5 —— 2
251 —————> 6 —— 1
252 —————> 5 —— 1
253 —————> 4 —— 2
254 —————> 3 —— 2
255 —————> 3 —— 1
256 —————> 1 —— 1
257 —————> 1 —— 2
269 —————> 0.5 — 5.5
270 —————> 1 —— 5.5
271 —————> 1.5 — 5.5
287 —————> 3 —— 4
288 —————> 4 —— 4
289 —————> 5 —— 3
290 —————> 4 —— 3
291 —————> 2 —— 4
292 —————> 3 —— 3
293 —————> 1 —— 4
300 —————> 2.5 — 5.5
330 —————> 1.5 — 4.5
331 —————> 2.5 — 4.5
340 —————> 1 —— 4.5
355 —————> 5.5 — 1.5
356 —————> 6.5 — 1.5
357 —————> 3.5 — 1
358 —————> 3.5 — 1.5
369 —————> 2 —— 4.5

Clipping Fix: (X value only)
Left Values ——- X
415 ————–> 4.9
416 ————–> 5.2
417 ————–> 4.7
418 ————–> 2.7
419 ————–> 1.7
420 ————–> 3.9

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Digg SEO Spammer err.. Services!

Here we have yet another stupid spammer that has a bunch of copy cat sites which he posts the same garbage to.
And because the sites are junk and have 0 traffic, he then spams their links all over the place trying to get traffic. Only problem is, the dumb ass now has all his sites listed in anti-spam databases. Plus.. as a side effect of his brilliant spamming, many of his sites are now suspended.
Not to mention, his server,, has also been successfully hacked and defaced by hackers. Now that boys and girls is poetic justice.
But just to add a little salt to the wond, lets list a few of his sites. That way if someone happens to see any of them in a SEO report, they’ll know they are using an Unethical SEO Service.
Trond Jacobsen
Foeresdalen 38
Foerresfjorden, NO 5563

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CloudFlare Wins Top Honors…

From the Wall Street Journal..

CloudFlare Inc. of San Francisco earned top honors in this category with a service that helps secure and speed up the performance of websites.

CloudFlare sits between a website’s hosting service and a visitor’s computer, sending traffic through its own network of data centers around the globe. Its security feature automatically detects threats from excessive spam, surveillance from malicious programs known as “bots” and denial-of-service attacks; all sites that use CloudFlare are then protected if the threat reappears.

Threat-detection systems can slow down Internet page loading because they add an extra layer between a website and its visitors. CloudFlare’s developers, however, refined the code running its systems so that most pages load as much as 40% faster.

The LulzSec hacker group, which used CloudFlare’s service to protect a website where it boasted of its exploits, praised CloudFlare after the service successfully fended off a barrage of attacks designed to bring down the site.

If you are a CloudFlare customer or thinking about using their service, that last paragraph should raise a very serious question of trust!

Can you trust a company that willingly, and is proud of, providing its service to hackers, spammers, scammers and other cyber criminals?
Not to mention a company that goes to great lengths to justify its support of people that scam and steal from innocent folks. They constantly search the net for negative posts, comments and articles and copy and paste the same old “we’re not the internet police” response. Granted, they are not.
But, any ethical company will stop providing services to the bad guys as soon as they find out. Not boast about it all over the place.

So, will CloudFlare really protect your data? Or will they siphon off tidbits, personal info, credit card numbers, email addresses etc.. here and there to feed to the cyber criminals?
Maybe.. maybe not.
But remember, the people at CloudFlare are no dummies. They wouldn’t just snatch your entire customer/member database. They’d just grab a few here and there. That way it would be almost impossible to figure out where the stolen data came from.

In closing, let me ask you one question…
Are you willing to trust a cyber criminal loving company with your data?

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