How To Quickly Spot Unethical SEO Services

The biggest problem today is finding an honest, play by the rules, Search Engine Optimization company. With all the automated software that is designed to spam a websites URL to the top of search listing, more and more scam SEO websites are popping up everywhere. And the really bad news, if you happen to do business with one of there spammers, your websites’ URL will most likely end up in an anti-spam database. Which in the long run, will hurt your search engine listings, not to mention, your website reputation. But the good news is, that once you know what to look out for, they are very easy to spot.

The first step in spotting unethical SEO services, is by the services they offer. Which is a dead give-a-way.

1: Backlinks from thousands of websites.
This is a very popular offering among spammers. Because they will use software to spam blogs, guest books, forums etc.  Some will blatantly spam your website URL, while others will setup “filter” pages or use double redirect URLs. They do this, so the traffic you see in your traffic logs will “look” like it’s coming from a legitimate website. The backlinks are never of any quality and can get your site sandboxed or worse black listed.

2: Blog Commenting.
Although this sounds like a different service, it’s exactly the same a backlink package. The only difference is, instead of spamming every type of website they can, they spam thousands of blogs. The comments they leave will have nothing to do with what is posted. Most of the time, the comment will be in the form of a complement, like how great a blog it is or how wonderful the post is. They will use your targeted keyword as the username and a filter page or your website URL for the website field.

3: Guaranteed #1 listing.
If you see a site claiming this, run! They will get your site listed at the top of search results. But, it wont last long and with thousands of spam traps out there, your site will also be listed in anti-spam databases.

4: Article submission to hundreds of sites.
There are people out there who write articles for a living and are very good it. Spammers are not among those. Most will never write an article, they prefer to steal them. By using an article scraper to collect a few hundred articles from sites like ezinearticles, and then use software to spin the article to look like a different one. The software will churn out hundreds or thousands of these “unique” articles. They will then plugin them into an article submission software and blast away. The submission software will automatically join, verify the email, fill out the profile and post the article.

In closing, let me leave you with this…
Getting on the first page of search results, isn’t hard. There is no secret or special trick. All it takes is having unique content that is useful to the end user. If you have that, not only will you rank well in the search results, but the visitors to your site will find it useful and be happy to come back.

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