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A Spammers Internal Network of Crap Websites

Spammers are now setting up internal sites that they spam their customers links to. They do this in hopes of not being reported to anti-spam databases, or getting their sites blacklisted. What they do is register a large amount of … Continue reading

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What Is An AutoBot Spam Trap?

An AutoBot spam trap can take the form of a blog, forum, guest book or even what looks like a static webpage. Their sole task is to trap and report spammers to anti-spam databases. They do their job automatically (hence … Continue reading

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The Importance of Reporting Spammers

A lot of people, be it forum or blog owners or even anti-spam mod authors don’t really understand the importance of reporting spammers to the anti-spam databases. Owners usually find out the hard way what comment spam is, after their … Continue reading

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